What is Kuubio?

A bio-industrial park providing a platform for bio and circular economy solutions.

Kuubio is a bio-industrial park focusing on bio and circular economy solutions. It provides a platform where companies, researchers and entrepreneurs can collaborate, share ideas and create sustainable solutions to the challenges of the future.

Towards a waste-free city

A waste-free city is made possible by synergies between businesses in the region. Synergy means that the by-product or end product of one company becomes the raw material of another. The completion of a wastewater treatment plant in the Kuubio bio-industrial area in November 2021 opens up several synergies for bio-economy operators. As a result of the area’s operations, the amount of waste in the Kuusamo region will be significantly reduced and the processing rate of bio-based products will increase. 

The Kuubio bio-industrial park fits in well with the strategy of the City of Kuusamo, which respects the natural values of Kuusamo. Sustainable use of natural resources and promotion of bio-economy plays a major role in Kuusamo’s strategy. The city of Kuusamo’s strategy states, among other things, that “harmony and coexistence with nature is the basis for sustainable growth in Kuusamo” and “Kuusamo welcomes companies that take responsibility for nature.”

Why Kuubio?

Kuusamo will invest EUR 200 million in sustainable industries between 2021 and 2025. The Kuubio bio-industrial park is one of the most important investment sites in the city.

The bio-industrial park will ensure the development of economic activities, with hundreds of jobs already created during the construction phase. When all the planned activities are up and running at least 150 new jobs will be created in Kuusamo. The labour demand will not be met locally, so the attractiveness of the area will increase. As people move to the area, it will have a positive effect on the whole of Kuusamo through increased demand for services.

Discover the region

A large number of companies are planned to operate in the Kuubio bio-industrial park, which will support the objective of increasing the region’s industrial processing capacity. The preliminary business and industry cluster for the area is based on a feasibility study carried out to support the development of bio-economy in North-East Finland, which examined the value chains and networks of bio-resource flows and bio-economy operators in the region. Currently, there is a wastewater treatment plant and an energy wood terminal in the area.

According to the plan, the bio-industrial park will include a sawmill and other wood-based high-value-added industries around it, an animal feed plant, a bio-coal plant, concrete rubble reception, a solar park, a pellet and briquette plant and several wood processing plants. In addition, a circular economy centre, a sawmill and a biogas plant are planned for the area. Once completed, the plant will be fuelled by sludge from the wastewater treatment plant and other bio-waste collected from the area that can be used in the process. 

The new road connections to the bio-industrial park will be completed in the autumn of 2023. Municipal services will be available in the centre of the site at the water treatment plant, from where they can be easily distributed according to the needs of the various operators.

On the map

Kuubio is carbon-wise and sustainable

Kuubio is a carbon-wise innovation ecosystem that creates new opportunities for the sustainable and reduced use of natural resources.


Kuubio is synergistic and self-sufficient

In Kuubio, the by-product or end product of one company is the raw material of another. The site has a wastewater treatment plant, which offers synergy opportunities for other operators in the area (sludge, treated wastewater) and an energy wood terminal. A power plant is planned on the site which, once completed, will be fuelled by sludge from the treatment plant and other bio-waste collected from the site which can be used in the process. A solar park is also planned on the site, which will generate a significant part of the electricity for the area. The aim is to circulate materials, energy, knowledge and skills between operators.


Kuubio is a community

Cooperation and community are at the heart of Kuubio. Kuubio offers a unique community where businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs can collaborate and share ideas. The area will be developed collaboratively and networked, increasing synergies and efficient material circulation. The aim is to create an internal energy network, among other things. 


Kuubio enables growth

New ideas and innovations can flourish in Kuubio. Kuubio offers opportunities for businesses to grow and develop, and new opportunities for companies that want to be part of the future of bio-economy and circular economy.


Kuubio is in Kuusamo

Kuubio is located in Kuusamo, an area known for the diversity of its natural resources and the importance of forestry. In addition, Kuubio’s infrastructure enables a wide range of operations and services.



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